Training Your Trainers

A good portion of The Training Physical is about the need to develop training skills in your trainers if you want them to be successful at training others in your company.  I have written a few articles on the subject, and to my surprise I’ve been getting a lot of email from all over the country looking for advice on improving trainer skills.

It would seem that an awful lot of people find themselves in the trainer role whether they like it or not.  Because they are a subject matter expert, they get the extra responsibility of training new hires.  Management is amazed when this doesn’t yield results.

I think I had been a trainer in a bank for a year, when my manager commented that I was no longer in the banking industry as much as I was in the learning development industry and that it was vital to my new career that I learn the back office of my job.  There was a lot to learn, but most of it over the past 20 years involved practicing the skills.

There is a science to learning how to effectively facilitate a group training event, and even if you are good at stand up training, there is another whole set of skills if you want to delivery engaging webinar training.  Trainers, Instructional Designers and Training Managers must learn the Learning Development industry in addition to the industry they support.

So how have you learned your trainer skills, and what else are you looking to learn to remain competent?


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