Will It Hurt?

Anybody that hates going to the doctor or dentist has at one time made the statement of “will it hurt” before a procedure.  When I wrote The Training Physical I compared on purpose the connection between the auditing process of a training department with the human physical, yet I was not prepared when a potential client asked me “will it hurt?”

I started to laugh to myself, but since I was talking to a training manager (the potential patient) I realized she was worried about the diagnosis.  If things were really bad, then would she lose her job?

Although I cannot prevent management from terminating any non-performing unit or employee, I do go out of my way to discourage the use of a training physical for the documentation to close down a department.  That is not the purpose of the activity, and it is a waste of everybody’s time.

Should I determine that the purpose of a training physical is anything other than for process improvement, then I decline the project.  That in itself usually sends a clear enough message that this is not the purpose of the audit.  It is just amazing how talk only gets us so far, and the walk is what gets people’s attention!


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