Choosing To Stay Sick

I sometimes wonder what is worse between these two scenarios.  Choosing to not find out if you are healthy, or ignoring the treatment of a diagnosis and staying ill.  I ran into this wall once again with a small company currently in bad shape.

The CEO of the company read an article I wrote on making sure your training team is skilled in training before expecting them to magically train others.  He called me about a new initiative they were planning to train their customers in a brand new service they offered.  They had chosen the trainer and another person to write the materials.

I offered to speak with both of these people, and I’d say they found good and caring people who wanted to do the job well.  This is something I feel brings you half way to success!

However, neither person had done this work before and a lot was riding on complete success.  I suggested to the CEO that they should work with a training delivery coach and an instructional designer to review the work.  A very small investment to ensure that the training would enable the clients to grab on to this new service and run with it.

The response was priceless, as he said they think they are in good enough shape.  Thousands of dollars will be spent on development, training, facilities and marketing and they essentially are going to give it a go with one foot in the grave.

Like my doctor tells me, I can’t make you take a prescription, I can only tell you how it will improve your health.  You have to decide if you want to get better or stay ill.


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