Training Department Closed

I have taken a lot of flack in my book over a statement I made that I don’t believe any company should lose the training function, but some training departments should be closed for gross incompetence.

Associates of mine jumped me from every direction that I was being too hard and lacked empathy for my fellow trainers, so I needed to remind them that incompetent trainers have two choices.  They can improve their skills, or find another career.  If they are not willing to improve then they are doing more harm than good in a training role.

Companies that go through the audit process sometimes uncover that their training department needs to close, or at the very least needs to rotate staff out and bring in new talent.  I encourage this when I find personnel that lack the heart of a trainer.

I coined the phrase heart of a trainer as someone who deeply wants to help people learn and are continual learners themselves.  If your training department lacks this heart, then it is time for emergency surgery!

I do recommend that we try and treat the illness first before jumping to amputation, but if that is the last option to curing the department I will endorse it.

I look forward to hearing your side of this issue!


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