The IT Physical

I met a super lady today that has been an IT consultant for 20 years, working with Chief Information Officers to make sure that systems are being used to their full potential.

After sharing what I have been doing with the training function, we concluded that she has a similar process for the health of IT organizations.  That the health of the IT department spells out the future of the company.

I never really put the health of the training function at that level, and yet she made me think a little about the results of a good or bad training function.  With IT working well or not working well there is a pretty solid connection to the operation and it can succeed or come crashing down instantly.

With training, I think of it more as a component of health.  A healthy and functional training department “enables” success, and an unhealthy training department is like a virus that can destroy the operation over time.

In any case, I felt better about the whole purpose of assessing department health.  Each in their own way contributes to a successful organization if they are functioning correctly!


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