If it is Broken, Fix it!

Daily I am puzzled at training departments that are underperforming and just happy as clams that no one is noticing.  The incorrect assumption is that if no one notices, then nothing needs to change.  Yet of all functions, the training department should have a simple motto to live by.  “If it is broken, Fix it!”

Training is all about improving the skill sets of employees so that they can perform their jobs.  Each time there is a training intervention it requires a change of behaviors to mark the training as successful.

So why on earth would a training department avoid improving their own operational health?

The Training Physical is of course a book (www.thetrainingphysical.com) but it is also a process that diagnoses the health of a training department and reports the necessary treatment to improve and become healthier.

I recently decided to offer a Free Training Physical as a contest to encourage those where money is an issue to get help.  Details are at http://thetrainingphysical.com/contest.html

You will see that I require the CEO to enter the contest by answering 3 questions.  Why the CEO?  Simple, with the CEO as the sponsor I have discovered “what is found to be broken, gets fixed!”  When middle management signs up for a Training Physical, they are only interested in the results, nothing changes, and a year later the department is in worse health!

So the contest is meant to not only provide a company each quarter the ability to get better, but get the necessary treatment along with a diagnosis.  What a concept, huh?


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