Power of a Training Plan

I just got back yesterday from speaking at a conference of banking HR & Training Managers about the power of strategic training plans.  The program was titled “Beer Budget Training Plans that Produce Champagne Results.”

I shared with my audience that to achieve Champagne Results, they needed to make sure they were targeting the skill sets needed for employees to perform the tasks required to achieve the bank’s strategic goals.  We discussed what all is involved in creating a strategic training plan.

However, where I really got attention is when I talked about the other component of Champagne Results.  That is that the plan MUST be Implemented.  The longer you wait to implement training, the longer it takes to build the skill and therefore the longer it takes for the return on the investment in training.

Wow!  I think I had all ears at that point, because when you realize that your whole purpose is to support the business so they can achieve their goals, how is that possible if you have not implemented anything?

So my suggestion of the week is simple.  If you have training to begin that needs to show results in 2011, then you should be training now or at the very earliest opportunity next year.   Demonstrate the power of the learning function by creating a strategic training plan and implementing it!


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