Hospice Care for Training Departments

Whenever I hear the word hospice, I am immediately drawn into what appears to be the final days of someone’s life because of a serious illness that there is no other treatment or cure that can turn things around.  But I am learning that it also is when the patient no longer wants treatment for the illness and is prepared to die.

Each week I am confronted with training departments that I joke are on life support and if they don’t begin a treatment process soon will be cut from the company budget.  Yet hospice is an even later step in the process.  There really is no turning back, and the inevitable is coming.

One company in particular that I have been unable to steer into changing their behaviors began a year ago when they submitted to a Training Physical, followed by a detailed training plan.  About half of the items have been addressed so far, and yet because the remainder of the treatments are being ignored, my patient is not getting better.

I talked with my own doctor recently and asked how he copes with people who don’t follow his treatment process or fail to take prescribed drugs.  He looked at me and said it is hard enough to watch a patient die, but when they could have helped themselves and won’t he struggles with what else he could have done.

I’m watching a client die because they refuse treatment, and I may need to put them into a hospice type environment before long for both of our sakes.  I really hope they change their minds soon!


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