Cleaning Out The Storeroom

One of the most common disaster areas in a training environment is the storage room.  It is stuffed full of both current and ancient training materials and supplies.  I will bet right now you have at least a box of markers in there that are as dry as dirt.

During the last month of the year, things are pretty slow in training with so many people on vacation, parties and activities that training has been halted for all but mandatory events.  What better time to tackle the storage room?

If you followed my advice in The Training Physical, under the Treatment chapter, you cleaned this room up and did a complete inventory.  Using that inventory, you should update it as you clean.  But cleaning is not just rearranging the dust balls.

By now you know that I see this process as a way to refresh yourself with the contents of this room.  Whether it be a process that identifies something long forgotten that could be used, or to find the missing box of participant guides before you reorder the value of cleaning this room.

Since this is really a “chore” I would encourage you to make it a casual day and since it is party month, have a pot luck or bring in food.  It becomes a great team building event, reminders of all the work done this year, and the more hand helping the quicker it gets done!


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