Uncovering Incompetence!

A fan of my book The Training Physical, asked me who seems to be buying the book and who seems to be interested in the process.

This friend is a very competent Training Director, so I figured he had some kind of motive for asking.  But rather than try to figure it out first, I responded that even though the book was written to be read by training people, it is non training and human resource people who are most interested.

He was dumbfounded since he said he had picked up a lot of reminders and tips that have improved his operation this past year and that he likes the perspective of a review from an outside person.  I told him that along with me, that makes two of us who are open to this kind of critique!

In a previous blog, I mentioned how ASTD blew off the topic for their next International Conference.  The same people who should be supporting the improvement process are shying away from it.  I mentioned this to my friend, and he said he was not surprised.

He said that The Training Physical if done correctly uncovers incompetence, but that too many training people are trying their best to cover up their incompetence.  With Senior Management usually unaware of what training’s real purpose and function is, the training people are able to snow senior management and cover up problems.

A client of mine that was making great progress on changes from an audit in late 2009, hired a training manager this year who is taking them in a very costly direction by insisting all training be created in-house.  That may be fine for programs that need customization, but they only have 200 employees, and when it comes to the programs they are developing from scratch they will pay 5 times what off the shelf would cost.

Yet, senior management is being snowed by an incompetent training manager that has not stayed current in available options and is stuck in the past.

But as I told my friend, The Training Physical is only meant to help training people realize they need to be competent in order to make their company’s employees competent.  If management wants incompetence, then they need only to remain on their current paths.


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