Will You Survive in 2011?

I client of mine made a real off the wall comment this week about whether their training department would survive this next year.  She was genuinely concerned that if another rash of cut backs occurred, that her training department was next.

For the last couple of years I have kept a list of training departments that I believe are on the short list for expense reduction in their companies.  I have a criteria that so far is about 95% accurate that if the training department is not demonstrating will be gone within 6 months.

First, training departments that run reactive and avoid planning are the first to demonstrate they are costing the company not returning on the investment.  Training must be proactive and be able to pivot to a reactive mode when needed.

Second, any company that is not actively training basic management development skills in-depth (not the single workshop concept) are dooming their company and thus everyone will be out of a job soon.  This is by far the easiest activity, and often the most ignored.

Third, training departments that do not build core competency skills within the training personnel are unable to achieve the best results and drag the company backwards.  Especially the training manager, who when unskilled will cost the company money because of their incompetence.

Forth and last, training departments that fail to track results, and tie business objectives to their training activities are unfortunately the first to go EVEN IF they are doing their jobs well.

So, will you survive in 2011, or do you need to make some serious changes to your operation and quickly?


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