Training The Missing Skills

One of the key areas to evaluate in any training operation is to make a list of the skills that have been trained, are being trained and the skills left on the to do list.  With recent news that recruiters are having a very difficult time filling open jobs with skilled employees, it occurred to me that we need to shift the priority of this diagnostic process.

Training Managers should be meeting regularly with HR recruiters to determine what the skill sets are that are applying for open positions, and develop training plans to hire and train people to perform the needed work.

I managed a training function a few years back that was in a growing industry.  It became impossible to hire people with experience because our competition was doing the same thing and there were just so many people available.  Working with HR, we looked at the skill level they could attract and/or was applying for work and created entry-level programs.

We had three main positions we were hiring for, and all three wells had dried up for experienced people.  So we needed to train every person in nearly every aspect of the job.  It took awhile to develop these people so that they could eventually handle the roles, but our retention efforts were very high because we made the effort that none of the competition made.

Today we read that companies have openings and want to hire but that the candidates do not have the necessary skills.  Seems like a simple solution with the right training department in place.  But the conversation between training and recruiting needs to happen first.

So go have that conversation, and then come back and comment on what you learned and how you plan to help your company solve their hiring problem.  If you need help, ask me.


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