Professional Development for the Training Team

Welcome to a brand new year in training your employees!  Do you have the necessary skills to facilitate, design and recommend the needed solutions?  Can you afford for your training team to pass on their development this year?

Trainers, (the word I use to describe everyone that supports the training function) are often so focused on developing everyone elses skills that they fail to both budget for and develop their own skills.

  • Looking at 2011, if you are not already versed in the world of social learning platforms, you need to get educated quickly. 
  • If you have not already acquired the new skills necessary for virtual deliveries it is not too late. 
  • If you are a training manager without a training plan because you have no idea how to create one, you need to seek emergency care soon!
  • If the training department personnel that report to you have not had a skill assessment to even determine what professional development is needed, then consider a training audit.

Actually, if you email me at I will be glad to steer you to some of the best programs that will fit your development plans and budgets, and I will do it for free!

Let’s begin 2011 by training trainers, before training others!


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