Who Would Miss Training?

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if you had not been born, and followed the path you have taken thus far?  I sometimes wonder if I make a difference, and I can tell you honestly that the past 3 months I’ve had very little evidence to support my worth.

The holidays are always a slow time, and I use that time to reflect on the year’s activities and results.  I set a vision or course correction for my vision for the next year and plan activities that I feel will bring about my goals.

Yet at the same time, it has occurred to me lately who would miss my efforts.  Since this blog is not about me, I want to turn this experience around and ask you to think about who would miss training in your organization if it went away.  Make a list of who and why.

If after you are done with this activity, you review the list and can’t even impress yourself, how can you expect to impress the company?  Yes you serve a purpose, and what I consider a very important function, if not indispensible, pretty darn close!

Yet, I could name at least 20 companies that I have spoken to this past year that because of their short list of contributions, would not be missed.  They serve very little value, and in fact cost more than they return.  So no one would miss them!

I’ve said before that I keep a list of these companies, and many are gone within the next year.  They were missed for a while, but eventually the company learned to do without their services.  This is sad, because every company needs training.  Every company should miss a training department.  If training is doing their job well, there should never be a doubt if they would be missed.

Although I’ve been feeling useless lately because I’m preaching to a deaf congregation most of the time, I fight on.  Because at the heart of the work I do, it is all about the individual employee learning the right skills at the right time so that they can achieve excellence.  If I give up, than there is one less player on the team to make that goal happen.


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