Incompetence Closed Training Department

I struggle all the time with the word “incompetent” as a way to describe someone who lacks the necessary skills to perform their job successfully.  Maybe it is the HR person in me that wants a softer and gentler way of breaking the news. 

Yet this week I contacted another training manager that is out of a job, and in fact their department of 4 people are out of a job because the training manager lacked the skills to manage training effectively.  In essence they were incompetent to lead this function correctly in order to prevent being closed to save expenses.

I gave an interview last week that asked for the 100th time why I wrote my book The Training Physical.  I said for the 100th time that I wanted to help training managers improve their return on the investment the company was making by focusing them on what it takes to be a healthy and productive department.

Yet, for too many training managers, the thought of being unhealthy or incompetent does not even enter their mind until the day they are terminated and told the function is being closed down to save money.  And even then, many refuse to credit their own participation in this action.

If you haven’t yet read the book, I would like to encourage you to read it and self evaluate your operation.  For a real training audit, I would encourage you to email me or call sooner than later.


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