Training Needs to Walk more than Talk

I found myself writing several articles this week for different publications and they all centered around successful implementations of training and how they supported an organizational goal or solved a problem.

It dawned on me that what I always took for granted when I ran training is not something that happens everywhere, and here in lies the problem of training returning on the investment every year.  Simply put, training needs to walk more than talk.

I find (not on purpose) a lot of training departments that talk a good talk about what they are “going to be doing” or “planning to do” this year.  But when it comes to implementing they get stuck in the mud!

The phrase I’m leaning on here is Walk Your Talk.  So it is good to have plans, and vision and purpose.  That is not only essential, it is the “Talk.”  However, we must implement projects, programs, workshops etc. to actually “Walk” and get things done.

If you think you talk more than you walk, then start keeping track of your accomplishments each month.  Post them on the wall for all to see.  Nothing fancy, try a sheet of paper with the month at the top.  Shoot to fill it in, and when it is still blank, it is time to stop talking and start walking!


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