Schedule The Surgery

As I wrote in the purpose of The Training Physical, my hope was that training managers would be the primary reader of the book so I wrote to them as the reader.  I also hoped that senior leaders in the company would learn more about the value of training from the way it should be evaluated.

Since I am finding that most of the people reading the book and blog are the senior leaders, today I am dedicating this blog to them.

By the time you have finished the book, you no doubt are getting a gut feeling on how productive and purposeful your training department has been.  Maybe you have laid out goals, and coached, but sadly there is no improvement.  The medication you have been giving these employees is not working, so it is time to schedule them for surgery.

The term “surgery” as it relates to the Training Physical process is about removing the infected tissue.  Working with Human Resources, it is time to set up a corrective action process that will include the ultimate surgical procedure of termination.

Sometimes, there is no curing the patient if they want to remain ill.  So friends, remove the unproductive and replace with the productive.  Find the “right heart” as I describe in the book, and become healthy again!


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