A Quality Training Manager!

I discovered two super training managers this week!  Not only are they competent in the skills needed to manage their learning functions, but they are using those skills to actively create a return on the investment being made by their organizations!

First off, they both are operating off an actual training plan, created last year, before a budget was established!  (I’m so excited at this point I can hardly type)  They have a calendar of goals, objectives and tasks built into the plan so that both staff and client are focused!

Second, they are being proactive in seeking solutions that will solve problems that divisions in the company are experiencing, and they are focused on outcomes before shopping for solutions.

Lastly, they both know how to position training solutions and write proposals for obtaining senior management approval and buy in to the selected solution.

Now you may be wondering if everything at these companies are working perfectly with such super stars for training managers.  Unfortunately, both of these companies are a little slow on the uptick and don’t realize what they have going on in their favor. 

The slow approval process, delays training solutions being implemented which means employee behaviors not changing.  This all adds up to less efficiency than could be realized.

But at the end of the day, these two companies can be successful because they have the right talent on board to make things happen.  The only challenge I see for both of them is retaining this talent so they don’t seek greener pastures elsewhere.


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