Trainer Skill Development

If you read the chapter in my book The Training Physical about training trainers before training others, you know that I believe that learning is diminished when the trainer lacks the competencies to facilitate.

I had a good conversation yesterday with a Talent Development Manager, who noted that her team of trainers were very good classroom facilitator but that they lacked the skills to deliver content via the virtual environment, as in a webinar.

We talked about how very different the skill sets are and that some classroom trainers even with training have a difficult time making the transition.  Yet she noted that even though she is getting the hang of it herself, she doesn’t feel ready or qualified to train her staff.

This is why I support a program called the Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification course offered by NetSpeed Learning Solutions.  Their CEO is a master virtual facilitator, wrote the book “Great Webinars” and has developed a program that can actually make a virtual facilitator out of a classroom facilitator in short order.

With more training going the way of virtual delivery, it is imperative that trainers develop this new skill set.  If you want to train your staff in virtual skills, and want to learn how to save some money at the same time, email me at


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