Facilitating Virtual Learning

Just because you know how to deliver content in a classroom facilitated event, does not automatically mean that you will be able to ace the transition to the virtual learning environment.  With webinar learning becoming more and more the future of facilitation, it is beyond vital that trainers obtain virtual facilitation skills.

Speaking with a CEO of a training company this week, he lamented over the future of his business if his trainers are unable to deliver their content in a virtual environment.  Not only have travel costs spiked again with the increase in oil, the newest generation in the workforce really enjoys the short and focused learning that comes in the virtual environment.

He has several highly experienced trainers that need in-depth training so they can convert classroom content into the virtual environment, and then deliver it in an engaging manner to achieve learning transfer.

There are some really poor programs out there in the market right now that claim to be able to achieve these results, and are not much more than a 90 minute lecture of tips and tricks.  Thankfully there is a company that can give you the skills you need, and my client is on his way to expanding his trainer’s capabilities.

If you would like to learn more about a program called the Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification course, and save some money from the retail rate, email me at jim@jkhopkinsconsulting.com .  We can discuss your needs, and how best to use this training.


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