Consequences of Incompetence

Management puts a lot of trust in the training function of their company to build the necessary skills within the employees so that they can perform their job function well enough to meet the organization’s goals.  So what are the consequences when the training department is unable to perform their job properly?

Imagine a bank that has identified a skill deficiency in their branch managers to adequately manage the sales and marketing function of their individual branch markets.  The training department preformed a needs analysis and created a focused list of skills that management agreed needed developing.  So far, so good.  The training manager is headed in the right direction by focusing everyone on what needs to change.

Yet as most of my readers understand, the next phase is a training solution that will create the skills and an environment that will put them into use.  So what happens if the training manager is unable to understand how adults learn?

As a reminder, all of these branch managers need to have the same training experience for consistency, and that can be obtained within a virtual or classroom environment where all learners are participating together and able to interact with each other.  Their common working environments will have similar roadblocks and similar solutions.

But what if the training solution is determined to be a series of separate learning environments, with different instructors and no collaboration among these learners with their common issues?  Learning becomes inconsistent, and less accountable.  Further, the individual branch managers are unable to assist each other easily.

So the consequences of incompetence, are the lack of skill development, which means that company goals will be harder to achieve.  It also means that money was spent on salaries and training that did not return on the investment.

Now this example really happened, and I did not make it up.  Imagine it happening weekly at hundreds of companies across the country.  Training is responsible to create competencies, but they can’t do that if they lack the competencies themselves.

The consequences of incompetent training personnel severely handicap a company’s ability to be successful.  Do you agree?


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