Training Manager 101

If you are a training manager, and you are worried about your ability to show enough return on investment that you will keep your job, I would like to put your mind at ease.  Because if you are doing the basics, I believe you are at least breaking even for the investment made in your salary and benefits.

Ask yourself if you are doing the following:

  • Do you have a training plan in place that maps projects to corporate objectives?
  • Does everyone on your training staff (you included) have a performance plan with measurable goals that align with the training plan?
  • Are you at least developing competencies in your company that address Management Development, Sales, Service, Productivity and Compliance skills?
  • Do you meet with department managers at least quarterly to establish your value and identify their specific needs?
  • Do you stay current with learning trends that match the generational needs of your company’s employees?

I call these the basics, because at the very minimum these should be in place.  If they are not, you are subject to be viewed as an expense that could be reduced.  If they are not in place, it is time to hop to it and get them going ASAP!

If you need help, contact me!


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