Training Needs to Market Themselves!

Normally when you take a highly qualified training director, add an experienced OD consultant, an instructional designer, a facilitator and a top-notch administrator you have the makings of a great training department.

Now imagine that this training director has developed a focused learning plan based on company business objectives and growth strategies for staffing.  For added seasoning, this training department reports to Human Resources with the finger on the pulse of the employee population.

So would it surprise you to learn that this company fired everyone in training last week?  Yep, completely closed down the training function for the whole company!  Not only are 5 people out of work, but the learning function was dumped as a way to save money.

It is important to mention that this is a healthcare facility that employs a couple thousand people.  Not only are we talking about a lot of folks “learning on the job” now, but they are not hurting for money and are profitable.  So why is training gone?

My personal belief is that most training departments like to believe that the training function, the purpose of training is self explanatory.  Yet, today more than ever, training needs to sell, to market themselves for the return on investment they are making.  If they are unable to quantify their worth, then a company should replace the individuals with competent training personnel.

In my book The Training Physical, I point out that I do not believe that any company should be without the learning function.  Some companies would do better with a more qualified training staff, but never should you throw out the baby with the bath water!

What do you do to market training as a return on investment?


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