Whose Side Are You On?

I am now working on my 21st year in the learning development field.  I have been a trainer, instructional designer, performance consultant, training director and Chief Learning Officer.  I’ve spent the past 6 years as an independent consultant trying to heal our corporate training departments so they can demonstrate their value to their organizations.

I wrote The Training Physical as a guidebook for training departments and human resources to begin the evaluation process and call on me if they wanted an outside point of view.  I have found that the book has been read by more outside of training than the intended audience.

Last year I was told by a national training organization that I should be focused on topics that train the profession and not topics that strip away the secrets of what makes a training department effective.  This last week, a local chapter of this same organization asked me Whose Side Are You On?  They were implying that talking about diagnosing, treating and curing a training department was not something a real training professional would reveal.

To answer this question, I look to a growing list of training departments that over the past several years have ignored their purpose and are now closed.  I look at a growing list of colleagues that are no longer working in the training field, and companies that are hurting financially so they gave up on the learning function.

The answer is simple.  I am on your side.  If you are reading this blog, or have read my book, I am on your side.  My goal is to help you become so successful that your career in training is secure and your company is prosperous!


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