Your Company is Dying!

“I’m so sorry to tell you this” said the doctor to the CEO, “but your company has very little time left.  One of your departments has been underperforming for so long that I’m not sure there is anything I can do.”

Imagine if you were the CEO of this company.  What is going through your head at this moment?  Maybe you are wondering which department is so ill.  Maybe you are wondering if a cure is possible.  And, maybe you now remember what your doctor has been telling you for years, and you know exactly what to do.

I’ve been that doctor on a personal crusade for the past few years trying to improve the organizational health of one company after another.  There are times when the loss of life in my practice has been more stress than I can stand, and so I had a chat with my own personal physician about how he copes with people that ignore an illness.

He told me that early on in med-school he was taught that patients will get sick.  That some patients will follow treatment and some will not.  That patients will die if they ignore the treatment and most will live if they follow the treatment.  His job is to encourage his patients to follow the treatment process. 

So if you are reading this blog today, I want you to evaluate quickly if your company is dying.  If it is I can point you to the most likely problem department.  Next week I will discuss why I single this department out and why if they are not performing well they become the internal virus that will eventually kill your company.

Stay Tuned…………….


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