Wanted: “A Real Training Manager”

 I laughed so hard after reading a job posting for a training manager this week that it brought tears to my eyes.  In the text of what this company was seeking were the words “a real training manager.”  I thought, well they must be looking for a real one this time, as the last one was fake.

Sadly I knew the person who was running their training department.  A really nice person, but she had no idea how to manage and lead a training function.  Then one day she was terminated and this very heartfelt job posting said it all.

I reached out to this training manager, and sadly she doesn’t understand why she was terminated, because in her mind she was very busy and had a lot of things to do.  I asked if the activities were productive and accomplished training goals and objectives, and she said she assumed they did.

Last week on a LinkedIn group discussion, the question was asked about if there was any real difference between being busy and being productive.  In this context I can bet most of you would agree there is a big difference.  And yet our training manager in the midst of working saw no difference, and this lost her a job.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again.  There is no company that should be without the training function, but there are companies that need to be without certain training employees.

Too often I am watching one training manager after another turn a blind eye to the inefficiency of their department, and when they lose budget dollars, staff, or their own job, they are clueless as to why.

Now HR Recruiting has the task of finding “a real training manager.”  It is not impossible, but I wonder if they know what a real one even looks like?


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