Tougher Than Boot Camp Model

When we think of boot camp training, I doubt many of you are thinking of a pleasant and relaxing experience.  However, for one such company, the Marine version of boot camp training is softer than their approach to new hire training.  One participant referred to the learning methodology as:

Break them Down, Tear them Up, Spit them Out…and Rebuild them!!!

 After thousands of dollars are spent on recruitment processes to hire the right people, the purpose of the training function is to enable these new recruits to perform their job responsibilities.  When an employee finishes training and is unable to perform then we must look at both the recruitment and training process for flaws.

When the recruiting process is as detailed as this company uses, the chances of finding the wrong candidates are very slim.  So we then need to look at the learning process that is used, along with the competencies of the training personnel.

I was shocked to hear first hand how learning is conducted, especially in an adult learning environment, but the techniques used by the facilitators are appalling at best.  Harassing and demeaning are the kinds descriptors for what may fit in a military boot camp, but have no place in a corporate environment.

Intimidation, is and should never be part of a trainer’s toolkit, and I would terminate any trainer on a team I manage for using techniques that tear down self-esteem in a learner.  Gads, how can this type of training exist for a call-center environment that brands customer service as their hallmark?

Not only does half of the class wash out, but the return on investment from this half-witted training department is a complete waste of the corporate dollar.  These trainers and programs are ineffective at meeting the needs of adult learners.  At the same time look how many dollars were lost (not wasted) in the recruitment process.

No company should ever be without the training function, but this company should do some serious house cleaning of training personnel and soon!


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