Are You Solving or Preventing Problems?

As a Training Manager, have you ever stopped to ask yourself how much of your time is spent solving performance problems versus preventing performance problems?  The difference is being a proactive solution provider rather than a reactive solution provider.

In my book, The Training Physical, I make a reference that we need to have training departments that are doing both.  However, most training functions are running around filling training requests for one class topic after another, instead of getting in front of the issues more with proactive and more comprehensive training solutions.

Not a lot of training companies are focusing these days on management development.  10 years ago developing manager communications skills like setting expectations, interviewing, coaching and conducting performance reviews were the norm.  Today you have training managers training one skill at a time!

I guess if you want to develop your basic manager skills over a decade this will work, but geez, think of all the damage this person can cause while they wait for next year’s topic.  “Oh, sorry about what I said, I haven’t taken the coaching module yet.”

There are times when company performance or the way you are doing business suddenly changes and the training department needs to step up to the plate.  Great training departments can turn on a dime, analyze the issue, and implement a performance solution quickly.

Great training departments also need to be meeting with management frequently to find out what is causing them headaches, or what they are planning to do in the next 6-12 months that employees are not ready to perform just yet and will need training.  Getting in front of the wave is how you demonstrate your true value, while at the same time you are saving countless hours solving problems later.

  • So how much of your year do you spend preventing problems?
  • What could you do this week to become more proactive?

If you need someone to talk to, just let me know!


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