Avoiding The Problem Won’t Make It Go Away!

For most of us, when we become ill we seek out medical assistance so we can rid ourselves of whatever is making us sick.  We have learned that the longer we put off getting treatment, the harder it is for the doctor to cure us.

The whole idea around an annual health physical is to document your current health, and when possible catch anything you may have wrong in the early stages making treatments easier and increasing the likelihood of a complete cure.

For many in corporate training they work daily on avoiding problems, while suffering under the misconception that if we ignore the processes, failures and incompetence they will somehow magically disappear.  And if we never actually identify a problem early or not, it means that we don’t have one or it will just go away naturally.

Ask any doctor what happens if an illness is allowed to go untreated, and they will likely step up the description of outcomes until they reach the final cause that killed the patient.

For too many training departments, their illness is getting worse, and being unhealthy has caused them to be less responsive to their companies, that attitude lands up closing the training department.  In other words the patient dies.

So the purpose of the Training Physical is to prevent death of this very vital department.  This is why I campaign everywhere I can to promote the health of every training department I reach.  But some patients continue to avoid their problems.

The problems are not going away folks, but eventually you will go away!


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