Operations Management – The New ROI

I was listening to a webinar last week about how companies can create efficiencies through Operations Management.  A relatively new term to me in this arena, they were talking about “How to do the same things better!”

As I beat the drum about the need for the training function to demonstrate and prove their ongoing return on investment, it dawned on me that all I’m really doing is trying to “help to do the same things better” by using The Training Physical as a tool for managing the  learning operation.

Operations Management is the newest buzz word for re-engineering.  Looking at a function, (in this case the training department) and evaluating what is working well and what are the changes to make things work better.  After making the changes the cost of the function might be the same as it was before to run, but now the output is better and the ROI can be justified.

What caught my ear in this webinar was the complete absence of training or any other HR function from this process.  The speaker was so focused on every other department, I just had to chat the question “would this work for HR and Training too?” 

The speaker validated my reason for writing the book, as he said he hadn’t thought about those departments, but that I had made him think twice about excluding any department from Operations Management.

Humm, are you ready for a Training Physical now?


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