The Gotta Do Training

In my book, The Training Physical, I spend some initial time asking training managers to make a list of all the skills that need to be developed in the employees that work for their company.  We often start with what I call the “Gotta Do Training.”  This is the training that either is done or the business goes under.  Usually compliance and any state and federal learning requirements.

I call this training Gotta Do, because in too many companies it is literally the only training that gets done.  Yet, are you asking yourself about all the other training that needs to be done?

What about sales and service if you are in any kind of retail type of business?  What about management & leadership development?  What about systems, ethics, policies, procedures, and product knowledge just to name a few?

What happens when you skip this training?  Productivity is less than it can be.  Goals are not always met.  Companies fail and lose vital employees.  This list goes on an on………

Most of these additional skills can be quickly trained, practiced and applied.  Yet for a minute, focus on the largest skill set, management and leadership development.  These skills take longer to digest and become really competent in their use.  These skills need to be taught and applied by anybody that supervises and manages people.

If your company is not training these skills, share with us the reasoning behind this strategic decision to pass on this skill development.  I for one, am very eager to learn why so many companies avoid creating leaders today.


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