Make Decisions or Resign!

Making decisions is a skill that too many managers struggle with these days.  In general, any manager that cannot make a decision, needs to find a job without management responsibilities.

This blog however, is devoted to the health and return on the training department function within your organization, so my words today are being sent to training manager, directors and those running the training function.  If you are unable to understand your issue well enough to recognize if a solution fits or not when presented in order to make a buying decision, it is time to resign.  Move out-of-the-way, you are impeding traffic and are a terminal condition infecting your training department and entire organization.

In complete frustration with someone I am coaching, I said basically this same thing to them after watching weeks and months go by and this person spinning in circles because they cannot commit to begin or end anything.  A peer of mine scolded me for being my ever blunt self, but the individual I’m coaching looked me directly in the eye and admitted I was telling the truth.

This is a reality check that too many managers never get.  Peers, other managers and staff have learned to work around their inability to make decisions and compensate for the inefficiency it causes.  Performance Management 101 tells us to address all performance issues, and get to the root causes.  In this training department that root cause is a training manager that cannot make decisions in a timely manner and thus causes a domino of issues.

If you run a training department, stop and make a list of everything that is waiting on a decision from you right now.  Is it a short or long list?  The longer it is the more work you are impeding, and the quicker you need to start deciding on each item so you unplug the dam.

If you are a CEO and have no idea if your training function is actually a healthy part of your organization, then it is time for a Training Physical to determine how serious the problem is!


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