Training In A Time Warp!

If you were the training director for a company that had over 1400 employees, in 190+ locations, across 20 states, what methods would you use to train all these employees?  If you would be happy only doing face to face, stand up delivery in the classroom, do I have a place for you to work!

If there was ever a case study for blended and distance learning, this organization is prime, and yet there is not a single bit of technology in any of their training methods.  The owners are old school, and when they started the company with a hand full of employees years ago, not only did this reasoning make sense, but it was really the only option for learning available.

The training director is a good friend of mine, and yet in the year he has been in charge of training he has been unable to change the culture of how people will learn their job skills.  Although it would be convenient for me to endorse his excuse of blaming the owners, I want to remind him that they are not supposed to stay current on learning trends and best practices.  They hired him to do that job, and he is not making a strong enough case.

One of the purposes of The Training Physical is to insert a 3rd party point of view.  Often when a training director is the one who is bringing me into their organization it is to document issues that have fallen on deft ears and they need their management team to listen.

In the example company I’m using this week, their learning processes are stuck in the past.  Not only are they spending more money than is necessary to build these skills, they are avoiding the real issue of engaging the current workforce using methods they would prefer.  Online training, social learning and even good old fashion self-paced eLearning would be good first steps.

Let’s help this manager by adding your comments on how they could get better results and move this organization out of its time warp.

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