Accountability Starts with Each of Us

I attended a virtual learning session today that was presented by Linda Galindo on Accountability, and she made a very succinct statement early in the session that “Accountability Starts with You!”  I stopped multi-tasking at that point, and Linda had my complete attention for the next hour!

I got to thinking that everything I’ve been doing with training departments over the past several years has been about directing accountability in performing the training function well and returning on the investment being made in personnel, materials and facilities.  Yet, Linda’s whole approach to accountability opened my mind to the need to focus everyone in the entire company on taking responsibility for themselves.  You just have to seek out her books and programs to learn more!

Upon further reflection, I realized that in my book The Training Physical, I did spend some time on the steps to staying healthy and that one of them was to walk your talk.  If you are seriously trying to create a learning organization, how are you personally participating in that goal?  In other words, is your walk accountable to your talk?

I met a training manager a few weeks ago that said she had developed a very detailed annual training plan with goals, projects and developmental plans for her staff.  Silly me I asked if the staff participated in the development plans, and she said, “oh no, they don’t even know I wrote them.”

Hum, dare I ask her if anyone in the organization knows about her annual training plan?  Well, those of you that know me, know I’m not shy and by now you won’t be surprised to learn the entire training plan was her little secret.  I asked her why she didn’t have it fully publicized?

Answer:  “Then I would be accountable for getting it all done!”

OH MY GOLLY – Wouldn’t that be just awful!

So folks, do us all a favor.  Let’s start to create organizations full of people that are accountable.  What’s the worst that could happen?

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