Training Department Closed!

A common phrase that training departments like to throw out a lot is that when times get hard, the first thing to go is the training department.  Well, how do you explain a multi-million dollar company eliminating the role of the head of training, but leaving the trainers?

For us HR folks, we know that eliminating a position means that your cannot replace it.  In the case of this unsaid company, the trainers will now report directly to the HR Director.  No more pesky Training and Organizational Development Manager to get in the way of their desire to stay where they are today.

No more talk about virtual learning when you are geographically dispersed, and the culture is all classroom training.  No more talk of building different skill sets in employees because technology has changed the way business is done.  That’s why on-the-job training was invented.

And best of all, no more of these annoying strategic training plans tied back to the company’s growth plans for the year.  We can now stay on the “wing it” path of self-development and take our chances.  We love rolling the dice, in fact it is part of our business strategy to gamble.  Those training plans provided structure and accountability which is just plain annoying!

Technically this organization still has a training department, but by removing the talented head of training and replacing it with a prosthetic one, failure is emanate.  I so wish I could name this company for you so you could sell your stock now.  This company is terminal, and not even a training physical could help save them now!

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