Redistribution of Skills

It is probably important to clarify my position before reading any further as a very conservative person.  So when a dear friend was trying to convince me of the virtues of redistribution of wealth this past week, the poor guy was wasting a lot of energy.  In an attempt to understand the need to “share the wealth” I pointed out a recent video I had seen on the virtues of redistribution of grades in college.

The student making the video was trying to link the concept of earning money and sharing it with those that don’t with earning grades and sharing their GPA with those that had a lower GPA.  The reactions of the 4.0 students were funny to say the least, but the whole idea of sharing a GPA with someone who didn’t work as hard as they did seemed odd and unethical.

Since then I’ve been playing around with the redistribution concept, and how it might work in the training development world.  Oddly, this conservative thinks he has stumbled upon an area in which redistribution might make sense.  I call it Redistribution of Skills!

Too many companies have skipped the skill development of the rank and file and mid-level managers, with the excuse that they have enough people on staff that have these skills.  With the Baby-Boomer generation starting to retire, companies are being left with less and less “skilled people” on staff.  It would seem that if they had been sharing the skill development process with all employees they would not have a shortage of skills now quickly retiring out the door.

So although I’m not a fan of redistribution of wealth, or grades, I do think that corporate American should consider a redistribution of skills, knowledge and opportunities to learn.  How on earth do we expect to continue to exist if we don’t provide employees with the skills needed to do their job today and into tomorrow?


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