Is Training Worth Keeping?

In an age of saving every penny possible, and getting back every nickel spent, it boggles my mind why training department managers are not going out of their way to prove that their function should be the last to go when times get tough.  Instead, I am seeing too many training managers that are unable to account for any quantifiable data that proves they are productive and supporting their company.

I am working on the premise for this blog that training is returning on the investment being made and that their activities are central to the developmental needs of the organization.  So why is it so hard to gather the details of your daily, weekly and monthly activities and promote the good training does?

It isn’t difficult to collect the data, but maybe it is difficult to self-promote (prove your worth) to others without sounding boastful.  Frankly, if I need to resort to being boastful to keep my job these days I will do that if a result of informing others of our value is interpreted by some to be bragging.  It is too important that the majority know the value of training before the decision has been made to eliminate it.

In my book The Training Physical, I suggest that training departments should make this process fun by creating a monthly newsletter for all employees and share articles and pictures of training in action.  I also fully promote that the training manager needs to conduct frequent senior management meetings and road show presentations that illustrate the accomplishments of training and how they increased business, saved customers or retained employees.

If you think that training is worth keeping I would suggest that you go out of your way to create a fan club within your organization.  Don’t wait to collect your accomplishments for when you update your resume!



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