CEO Evaluates Results

In last week’s blog, An Exercise for the CEO, I was sharing with you the experience of a credit union CEO that I asked if she thought that her training department was returning on the money (investment) being allocated to the training efforts.  She was not certain of the answer and so I suggested that she require the training department to detail out what they had produced this year to date.

I spoke again with the CEO last Friday to see what she had discovered.  She said it was quite eye-opening when she met with the HR Director who oversaw training and asked her to give her an overview of what had been accomplished by the two people and herself year to date.  “Like a deer in headlights” was the response this CEO initially got.

This was followed by an immediate, “don’t you think I’m doing my job?”  In other words, don’t you trust me?  The CEO is one of my favorite people right now, because she said it was nothing personal, but something she had never evaluated before and felt it was important to check the ROI on every function that supported the credit union.

The HR Director said she would get back to her in a day, which turned into 3 days.  The list I predicted last week was everything these people did, and appeared more as a task list rather than accomplishments.  There was nothing substantial (CEO’s choice of words) and appeared to be a “busy list” to further disguise their lack of focused productivity.

I asked if a training plan was attached, and the answer was it does not even exist.  I asked if there was an understanding of the priorities for performance development, and the CEO said, “not even close!”  At this point the CEO said, “how soon can you give us a physical?”

I had sent a copy of my book The Training Physical, and bless this CEO again, she had read it!  So she was fully prepared to talk about Diagnosing, Treating and Curing her Training Department!

So if you started this exercise in your company, what was the result?  Do you have a healthy training function, or do they need a training physical too?


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