Keep On Training!

You may be old enough to remember the catch phrase Keep On Truckin’ as a way to motivate people to keep trying even in the face of extreme obstacles.  In today’s tough business economy it would seem to remain a relevant phrase.

In too many companies, the slowing of the business has been matched with the slowing of training initiatives.  When unless you plan to lay off everyone, this is the perfect time to be building job skills when there is a little bit more time to devote to learning.

I read an article this past week, and I’m sorry I don’t remember where I read it, but the gist was that management and leadership training is still a focused agenda item for businesses even in a lagging economy.  I have a perfect reply for why this is so true.

Many businesses in America still have management and leadership training on their agendas (are you ready for the highly insightful reason?) because they have not spent any serious amount of time or effort on building these skills in nearly a decade!  So, Duh, it is still on the to-do-list.

If I spend the next 6 months not mowing my yard, in 6 months it will still be something I need to do!  I might have to substitute my Craftsman mower with something from John Deere, but the grass will still need mowing.  So I guess I could pass on to the world the good news that even in this slowing economy, the grass still needs mowing!

So rather than all of us discussing and listing all of the really cool skills we want to train our employees in, let’s take the list and implement it.  Let’s use the time to build skills, solve problems and don’t stop employee development for any reason!  Let’s Keep On Training!

“Procrastination does not produce results,” I was heard recently saying to a friend.  He said I was wrong, that procrastination produces more work!  I stand corrected.


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