Lousy Training Equals Lousy Company

For anyone that knows me or has read The Training Physical, you are well aware that I see a very direct link between the success of the company and the health of their training function.  I found myself pushed in a conversation this week that had me betting that any company with a lousy training department was also a lousy company to work for too.

Since that conversation I have been trying to keep account of companies and the quality of their training departments.  I am finding that companies that lack a good training department lack or at best struggle to have success in the business they are in.

It goes back to the purpose of training, and that is to prepare employees to engage in the work that the employer needs done to meet company goals.  If employees are not prepared, some will learn on their own, but the optimal success will always be a fleeting dream for the company.

Likewise, find me a company that is exploding and very successful and you have an engaged workforce.  Training is the catalyst for that engagement, and usually they are knee-deep in the ongoing employee development process.

If you are a training manager, I want you to realize the power you have to make your company successful by doing your job well.

If you are a senior leader in a company, I want you to realize the lack of power you have to reach your potential if your training function is not involved and doing their jobs well.

So if Lousy Training Equals a Lousy Company, I believe the counter is just at true.  Great Training Equals a Great Company!

What is holding your company back from all it could be?


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