A Learning Leader

You would think I just discovered the last easter egg on the lawn this week when I found a training director that was focused on her own professional development.  My heart is still racing, and I wonder if I will ever find another Learning Leader again!

Okay, it was not that exciting, but when you factor in that this is a veteran training director, who manages a staff of 50+ in training to support a 16,000 employee company, you have to give her credit for a very bold move.  When she realized that a training delivery competency she and her staff are missing was in the virtual (webinar) delivery environment she launched an effort to train the trainers.

Although she had been trying for months to elevate the concept of developing these skills in her staff, she finally threw her arms up and said “we don’t have all day to wait for a decision, so I am enrolling myself.”  And to my surprise, she put her own money on the table instead of billing the company she works for!

I asked her if she was really giving up the fight to prepare her team members since she was developing her own competencies first.  (It is probably a good idea to mention at this point she works for a health care organization.)  She replied “Physician Heal Thyself!  If I fail to walk my talk about professional development, I have lost the battle and the war.”  This lady is my new hero!

It is a much different approach than I have taken myself, but I am eager to see how the war ends.  If only the General comes out trained then this was a complete failure of leadership.  However, if the team lands up getting trained, then she really is a Learning Leader!


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