Physician Heal Thyself

I took a page from my own blog last week about a Learning Leader that is focusing on her own professional development, while her company ponders the wonders of the universe.  I decided that I needed to do something to revive myself while I wait for the economy and several companies to move forward.

Recently my wife and I sold a second home, and by all accounts it was a very long process.  We were competing with limited buyers and an influx of foreclosures and short sales that distract buyers.  We had never sold a house before and learned from personal experience it is not that much fun.  We love buying much more.

My initial career was 12 years in retail banking, before the last 21 in training development.  I have always enjoyed banking, and my time in lending.  Yet the recent experience with selling a home got me thinking about getting my real estate license.  So I took the first step yesterday and ordered the text books that go with three courses I will need complete in order to sit for a real estate licence exam.

I also plan to take next week off for a little rest and relaxation.  So, no email, phone or blogging next week.  It is time to take a breather from the day-to-day of trying to motivate others to learn.  I will have several books with me, and I am devoting some time to learning myself.

Again I wish to thank my Learning Leader friend for modeling for me, and I’m glad it didn’t take long to motivate me into the same action.

See you in a couple of weeks………….


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