Year-End Sales!

While everyone seems to be focused on holiday sales in the store or online, Training Managers should be focused on obtaining next year’s training materials at the same bargain rates by shopping year-end sales from their favorite training vendors!

Yet, I am watching companies passing on these once a year savings like they are made out of money.  These “sales” are being used to drive year-end revenue for the vendor, and they all disappear come January.  Oh, they will tell you they will prompt a discount next year, but they don’t need to and usually do not.

I watch CEOs pounding the message about expense control and yet they allow their departments to pass on saving money.  Hello?  If you spend more later, you are not watching expenses!  Even if you are unable to pay the invoice until next year when your budget has money again, now is the time to negotiate!

I work with one management/leadership training company that is giving a full 20% off everything if the sale is paid for by 12/20/11 and even 15% if the sale is paid for by 1/20/12.  (For details, email me at )

So while some training managers are gearing up for 2012 by already having a training plan in place, and budget dollars approved, too many are sitting back enjoying all the snacks of the holiday and then will pay the full price for things next year.

While we all try to stretch the training dollar, let’s be observant of the fact that if things cost more you can’t do as much.  If you pay the full price for everything, then you can’t train as many skills.  Oh, wait!  Maybe this is the game plan.  I hadn’t stop to realize that the procrastinator and under-achiever maybe using this technique to prevent over working themselves next year. 

This is sales season for that new TV, outfit, or training program.  Now is the time to save money, so shop until you drop or run out of money!


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