Training Leader Saves Money!

One of my clients made my day this week when they acted to save their company money.  The training they purchased this month saved them thousands of dollars over waiting until January.  Because this training department is being run by a Training Leader rather than a Training Administrator, they saved money!

Leaders think farther out then the present day they are working.  This is why my client could easily have waited for a couple more weeks, but instead bucked the trend to party hardy these next two weeks and concentrate on next year’s training goals and spending her budget dollars wisely.

A training manager that acts like an administrator is waiting for others to make decisions and will miss opportunities to make their departments more cost-effective.  There is a simple reason that we pay managers more than we pay administrators – we expect more from their work day!

More than ever we are focused on ROI (Returning On Investment) and it boggles my mind when training managers don’t look for ways to REDUCE the investment!  Hello!  If you spend less on training, it makes it that much easier and faster to return on the investment.

So before you point a finger at someone else not allowing you to be successful, I want you to take a look at your own participation in the process.  Are you acting like a Training Leader or more like a Training Administrator?


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