Judging CLO LearningElite Awards

I have the honor of being one of the many judges that CLO Magazine has chosen to review applications for the 2012 LearningElite Awards.  One of the applications I reviewed this week, just blew my mind and gave me such hope for the future of learning development!

I cannot reveal the company I speak of here or even tell you about the specifics because of my role as a judge.  All I can say is that this experience has filled me with such joy at the end of a year full of much different learning environments that I feel vindicated that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Too many training organizations are running on low batteries, and they are causing more issues than they are helping to fix.  I watched at least 6 training departments this year get closed, and of the 6 I am referencing, they all needed to be closed.  My hat is off to the senior leadership for closing those departments.  My hat will be tipped again to them if they reorganize and put a better learning staff into place next year.

“No company should be without the Learning Function, but many training department personnel need to find a new career.”

Yet when a training function is in alignment with the company’s goals and objectives, and is proactive with solutions, tracks results, and constantly looks for ways to improve their value to the company, I’m just in awe!


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