Did Training Survive 2011?

We are not even finished with the first week of the new year, and I’ve already heard of two training directors that were terminated at the end of 2011 “to improve the company’s efficiency ratio.”  I found it odd they both used the same words, so it must be some kind of management consulting phrase to disguise or mislead the real reasons.

Bottom line, neither of these training organizations and training directors were doing their jobs at the level necessary to demonstrate a return on the investment being made.  If a company wants “to improve it’s efficiency ratio,” it does not have to eliminate training first.  In fact, by eliminating training and not replacing or curing the health of the training function, they are declaring that the company and employees are unrepairable.

The interesting thing with both of these companies is the reaction from the training directors.  Both in similar fashion told me all the things they had been doing this past year.  The lists were long, and yet when I asked how management connected these tasks to company results, they both didn’t know the answer.  It was like it was the CEO’s fault and not theirs for doing a poor job of painting the pictures and connecting the dots.

So folks if your training survived into 2012, I suggest you obtain a copy of The Training Physical and perform a mini-audit on the health of your organization.  You’ll have about 6-9 months to make an impact to prevent being on the elimination list in 2012.

Good Luck!


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