Time to Train Managers

If you have been reading the training world position on management training lately, you have no doubt read or the urgency to focus on basic management development skills.  In the past several years as training budgets have been slashed, only technical skills have been trained and we are starting to feel the pain of avoiding the communication aspects of development.

In an advertisement I read recently in CLO magazine, DDI Inc quoted:

“Leaders have two roles to play.  Building relationships and getting work done through others.  Both demand strong essential interaction skills.  Leaders have to learn to listen, empathize, involve and support before they can learn to coach, influence others, build partnerships, and gain commitment.  And when they don’t develop these essential skills up front, they don’t develop into great leaders.”

If we are to solve the big problems that face our companies and fix our economy we need to learn how to communicate with each other face to face.  Although the tech world allows us to talk or type instantly our ideas and thoughts, we need to get back to the basics of one-on-one and group discussions.  We need to learn to motivate and help others succeed individually so we all can be successful.

For those of you involved in managing the training function, I want you to set a goal of implementing basic management training in the first quarter of this year.  If you need help finding a turn-key solution, let me know.  But first you need to develop a strategy for getting everyone on board so that the training you provide actually gets used.


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