Training Department Performance


I asked a CEO yesterday how often she has evaluated the performance of the training department, which is different from individual performance evaluations.  She said they had never looked at the function and asked me what she would evaluate.

I emailed her a list of questions and suggested that if she found even two of the areas to come up as “No” answers we should talk further.  It then occurred to me that I had missed a few things and decided to post this list at the website. 

This morning I received a call from the training manager at this company.  We know each other, and she told me that her CEO had called her about a couple of things “that sounded like Jim had been talking to her about.”  I laughed, and acknowledged that we had talked.

The Training Manager was concerned that the CEO was learning too much about how her department was supposed to be functioning, and said she was unable to provide some of the information.  I told her that the whole idea of a Training Physical is to Diagnose, Treat and Cure a Training Department, not to shut it down.  The healthier the training department is, the healthier and more successful the company can be!

Time will tell how this particular situation works out, but I am finding this dynamic on a regular basis.  The Senior Manager rarely knows or has thought about if the training department is functioning at top speed.  The Training Manager is often in a panic when they are being held accountable because they either know what they are not doing or do not know how to do certain things.

In today’s economy no company can ill afford to pass over evaluating the performance of the training department.  If they are not performing well then they are hurting the company.  However, nothing that is under performing cannot be fixed.  No matter the health of the training department, we can improve the health, thus improve the bottom line of the company too.


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