Social Learning Strategies

I work as a Consultant Partner with a company called NetSpeed Learning Solutions.  Yesterday they offered a webinar to potential clients called “Learning Strategies for a Transparent World.”

With the public engaging in social media (like these blogs) not to mention Facebook and LinkedIn, statistics are showing that the average worker is spending nearly 22% of their time interacting in these environments to learn and exchange information.

Training Managers are now being challenged to figure out how best to use social media as a learning tool.  But rather than reading my interpretation of this webinar, I want to give you all the chance to watch the recorded version.

It takes awhile to download as it is a large file, but you can pause and watch the entire 60-minute event for yourself at CLICK HERE

You will note at the very end of the webinar, it offers you the chance to take a free test drive of a really cool social learning environment called NetSpeed Fast Tracks.  AND because I am a Consultant Partner with them, you need only email me at for the registration link and code for your FREE 30-day Premium Membership.



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