Diagnosing Progress

With only one week to go, 2012 will only have 10 more months to accomplish our annual goals.  If you have made significant progress in the implementation of your training plans for this year I commend you, and if you are not in the forward motion yet, we need to light you on fire today!

The last two months of the year are bogged down with vacations and time off for holiday events, not to mention budgets that are about out of money, it creates an environment for minimal accomplishments in the training world.  I do not for one second condone this reality as an excuse, but it happens a lot.

So one would expect that beginning in January when budgets are full again and the “New Year” is in high gear that the horses would be out of the gate running at full speed.  Look around your training world and what is happening?  Is everyone focused on work or are they still eating hay in the barn?

Diagnosing Progress should be done at least monthly if not weekly.  Grab that training plan, and start checking off the progress of projects.  By now, you should be well on your way to making your first quarter a productive cycle.  Second quarter should be your best, because starting in 3rd quarter when Summer hits we all know that “vacations” are up and whether you are at work or on a cruise, the work flow starts to decline.  By Fall we are beginning the annual decline again.

When I conduct a Training Physical, the first thing I do is look at the training plan and assess how much has been accomplished.  Of course the first red flag appears when there is no plan with dates, but assuming there is a plan, I am looking to see how closely it is being followed.

You will remember that a training plan is the result of training needs analysis for your company’s needs for the year, and precedes the request and approval for a training budget.  So if everything is in alignment except implementation, it is like dropping the ball at the worst time of the game.

Before this month ends, spend a couple of hours reviewing your progress and adjusting your plan.  You still need to finish the year as a winner, but to win you need to get running!


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